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13 Amazing Photos of the Tin Hat Mountain Hut on the Sunshine Coast Trail

Posted by on Aug 18, 2016

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The Sunshine Coast Trail is 180 km long, and there are 18 huts along the route. So why is it that we see so many photos from Tin Hat Mountain?

Well, we can think of a few reasons: the views, and the cute little hut that offers protection from the sun, wind, rain, and snow. It’s quite the setting. We’ve realized there are a LOT of photos of the Tin Hat Mountain Hut on Instagram. They are all so beautiful, and we wanted to share some of them here with you. Enjoy!

That Morning Light on Tin Hat

If you stay the night in the hut, you’re treated to views like this to wake you up.

In the right spot at the right time. #tinhat

A photo posted by curtislrobinson (@curtislrobinson) on

#tinhatmountain #morninghike #sunshinecoast #happyeaster

A photo posted by nuderbutter (@nuderbutter) on

Those Sunshiney Days

Oh, how everything sparkles under the sun!

At the last minute, I thought a little solo 128km stroll from #PowellRiver to Saltery Bay would be a fun way to make the most of a long weekend. I drove to Lang Bay, hitched a ride to the Shinglemill Pub at km50 and started sauntering along the #sunshinecoasttrail and up to the #tinhatmountain hut, ten hours later I wasn't really planning to make it to Saltery Bay but the trails are so nice that I figured I might as well. After a quick visit to the summit and probably too many photo ops with my DSLR (I'm pretending to look like a runner here), I continued on for another 5 hours to midnight, as my shoes turn in a pumpkin at that point and 52km seemed enough for the first day with all the food weight. Stay tuned for more #smileysuffering #fastpack #trailrunning #sunshinecoast #sct #saturdaystroll #weekendstroll #jogging #tinhatcabin #explorebc #hiking

A photo posted by Richard ( on

#hike2015 #sunshinecoasttrail #tinhatmountain

A photo posted by D e n i s e (@iamkiller_d) on

And even on Cloudy Days…

It’s still just as majestic.

The reward after the climb #tinhatmountain #sunshincoasttrail #sunshinecoast #explorebc #hikebc @sunshinecoasttrail

A photo posted by Vanessa Paquette (@vanessa.paquette) on

A Different Vantage Point

From the back, the side, looking up or down on Tin Hat, the views are all incredibly stunning.

And even in the snow!

It’s impressive for one, the fact that you’ve hiked there in the snow, and two, that you get to crash for the night in this peaceful little hut, when you’re tired and cold from all that hard work. Good on you!

Wild for the night 🌲🏠#explorebc #pnw

A photo posted by Andrew Soro (@soro) on

Night Views

I think this is the only photo I’ve seen of the Hut at night. How spectacular!

That Sunset, Though

If you’re lucky enough to complete your hike to be atop Tin Hat Mountain at sunset–well, isn’t that reward enough?

Hiked 10hrs today to #tinhatmountain for the 360' views. #sct #mountainsformiles

A photo posted by Isis St Pierre (@isisstpierre) on

We’d love to see even more! We sometimes feature your photos on our Instagram account. Be sure to tag your photos with #powtownpost, so we can find them!

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