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17 Pieces of Advice to Powell River Grade Twelves

Posted by on Sep 26, 2016

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Just in time for back to school, here is some advice to Powell River Grade Twelves from someone who’s been there:

  1. Consider the advice of kind, smart, successful people; then take it or leave it.
  2. You are likely more awesome then you know now. Be nice to yourself.
  3. Accept compliments, say thank you (instead of “ya-right”).
  4. There are certainly a few people in your grade that haven’t had the best high school experience. Do something nice for them. In fact, be nice to everyone and stop talking to people who aren’t.
  5. Having a car is great for getting lunch off campus and driving to see friends; realistically though, if you’re tight on cash, saving for school might be a better decision. We get it, though.
  6. The saying that “The nerds will likely be your bosses one day,” is likely still true. Learn from them. Your teachers might also become your children’s teachers. Be nice to the young ones–they might still be there in 20 years. While you’re at it, just be nice to all of them.
  7. Test the waters at parties and with dating, but don’t be reckless.
  8. Don’t drink or get high and drive. We’ve lost too many friends in high school because of it. Vacations in exotic places are too good to die young.
  9. Experiential smoking is harmful on your developing brain; hold off on it, if possible.
  10. The road ahead is long and tough; be prepared to dig in and work hard.
  11. In grade 12, the difference between a C- and a high C+ could mean getting into a college program or not. Dig deep into your abilities until you surprise yourself by how much your grades have improved.
  12. If you don’t know what to do, don’t do nothing. Try something that will make you grow and stretch beyond your comfort level, that’s where the magic happens.
  13. Sign up for post-secondary school (college, trade apprenticeship, or university). None of us could afford it either, but we worked hard and asked for help; a student loan is how most of us got there. A high school diploma is like a paper plane. It flies, but not for long, and there’s no money in it.
  14. Apply for bursaries and scholarships; even if you’re not the top of your class you might surprise yourself.
  15. If you want to go to university, your first year might be well spent at a college taking university transfer courses; colleges are often more practical and cheaper. Or consider going to the VIU Powell River campus and saving up for your second year away. Check that your course credits transfer to where you want to go next.
  16. If you’re considering a trade, consider volunteering at a relevant local shop to get some experience before choosing a field. Volunteering is a good idea, period.
  17. Have fun, be safe, and believe in your potential!

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Leah Camenzind

Leah Camenzind

Contributor at Powtown Post
Leah Camenzind has fond memories of growing up on a hobby farm in Powell River, BC - a long way from her current home in downtown Toronto. She enjoys the beauty of the west coast, the multiculturalism of Toronto and the occasional visit to Switzerland to visit her extended family.
Leah Camenzind

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