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29 pics of Powell River sunsets that are just to die for

Posted by on Feb 3, 2015

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If you’ve ever been to Powell River, BC— or if you live there, you know that Powell River sunsets are the best sunsets.

After a quick survey of our Facebook friends, in just one day we collected these 29 incredible photos of the magic hour in Powell River. Feast your eyes:

29 Powell River sunsets that are just to die for

By Powtown Post

Powell River sunsets are gorgeous, and they know it. They just throw up so much attitude!

  • Don't take my picture. Ok take my picture.

    By Powtown Post

    No matter how many times we are warned not to look at the sun… oh man, look at that sun. 

  • Willingdon Beach in the Summer

    By Powtown Post

    This sunset is all, "Go ahead and take my picture. I could do this all night. But I won't, so you better take it now. You already missed the fancy part anyway."

  • All the advertising BC Ferries needs

    By Powtown Post

    "I hope someone is paying you for this photo. Somebody should be making something. I appear literally every night, and I never make a dime. But that's the life of a sunset."

  • I see you, ferry.

    By Powtown Post

    "That's a good little ferry. Off you go little guy."

  • Time for beauty sleep

    By Powtown Post

    "Look, I want to stay too, but I have to rest. I gotta do it all again tomorrow."

  • Attack of the Clones

    By Powtown Post

    "Look! A window. And who is that sexy thing? 'Hey gorgeous.' Oh man, I'm talking to my reflection again, huh."

  • Relax, none on.

    By Powtown Post

    "Oh hey dude. Any bites? Check this out, I'll light up your line so it glows. I bet when tourists see this they think you've got a fish on, because they have no idea what a downrigger is."

  • Mirror, mirror, on the lake

    By Powtown Post

    "Oh this is nice. I can check my face in the mirror. Do I look ok? Oh stop, don't make a fuss. I'm just me."

  • Like seeing the Tragically Hip at a bar in the US

    By Powtown Post

    "Honestly, I work so hard to put on a show like this, and one kid shows up. One kid. And he's not even looking. I don't even know why I do it sometimes." 

  • Not all sunsets hate children, just this one

    By Powtown Post

    "Oh man, should I do it? Is that super mean? I'm gonna do it. I am just the worst. I'm totally photobombing this picture of these kids. Take that, kids!"

  • Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

    By Powtown Post

    "This is my favourite trick. I make everybody think I'm not even coming out, and then at the last minute I arrive— fashionably late, and looking absolutely marvelous, darling." 

  • Look at the size of that…sunflare

    By Powtown Post

    "This is great. Make him think it's a picture of him and the fish, and I'll totally photobomb it. He's a good guy though, so I'll leave a nice silhouette of that lunker for him."

  • Party people….all around me, feeling…

    By Powtown Post

    "C'mon, you know the words."

  • Missed me, missed me!

    By Powtown Post

    "Just tell everyone it's a picture of the hulks. Tell you what- I'll throw some colour up there for you. There you go." 

  • Just doing my rock and roll duty.

    By Powtown Post

    "People make a big fuss over my appearance, and I'm all 'look at me, man. I mean really look at me. SEE me. I am an artist.' But nobody gets it, you know?"

  • Finalist for soft rock album cover of the year.

    By Powtown Post

    Not really, but this could totally be an album cover for a mixed tape of elevator music. 

  • Thank you, thank you very much.

    By Powtown Post

    "I'll be here every night this week folks. Tip your waitresses. Oh hey, you up front. You've certainly got great seats, haven't you?"

  • Sailor's (psychedelic) delight.

    By Powtown Post

    Red sky at night, pass the rum.

  • Thought it could sneak away. Nope.

    By Powtown Post

    "What. Really? Look it's been kind of a long day. Ok, because you asked nice, one last photo. But get the ferry in it. It's the Texada one, so it looks really cute under all my sky. Like an ant."

  • This sunset doesn't care what you think

    By Powtown Post

    "You think I'm always showing off? I can play it subtle too, you know. I look fantastic in grey, face it."

  • Chasing sunsets the hard way

    By Powtown Post

    "If you guys swim out this far, I'll put a special sunbeam right here just for you. Oh look you did! Wow, ok. Here you go."

  • By the Power of Greyskull…

    By Powtown Post

    We're not sure why, but this sunset is a huge fan of He-Man, and the Westview Harbour.

  • Got our limit, heading home

    By Powtown Post

    "Where are you going? You're gonna miss the best part!! Wait, let me just…there. Take it now! I know I look fabulous, stop trying to act like it's NBD."

  • Great ball of fire

    By Powtown Post

    "Look at me! Look at me! And I'm only just getting started. I heard there were tourists in town so I'm putting on an extra long show tonight."

  • Myrtle Rocks – Last Sunset of 2014

    By Powtown Post

    "It's been a good year, so I decided to dress up for you. It's New Year's Eve! How do you like my dress? Is it too much?"

  • The late bird catches the… whatever

    By Powtown Post

    "Oh hey, are you following me? It kinda seems like you're following me. It's ok if you are, I like the attention. But I guess you can kinda tell, huh?"

  • Peekaboo! You love me.

    By Powtown Post

    "Oh hey, what's shakin? I wasn't expecting company. Do these colours look ok together? I never know what to wear so I just threw something on. Honestly, I wake up looking like this."

  • Hernando Beach in Winter

    By Powtown Post

    "Hey dude you should totally take my picture right now. We will let the seagull think it's about him, but we both know it isn't. 

  • Sleepytime on Savary Island

    By Powtown Post

    "Oh hey, I bet you didn't recognize me. This is what I look like from Savary. Bro, have you even been here?" 

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Many thanks to all of our photographers for submitting these excellent pics. Your names are all listed in the bottom right of the slideshow.

Also, check out this awesome gif of Willingdon Beach by Chris Rae:

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