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8 pictures of zungas that don’t even know they’re zungas

Posted by on Mar 23, 2015

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The zunga. It is one thing that is uniquely “Powell River.”

If you’re reading this post and you’re not from Powell River and you’re wondering that the hell a zunga is, let me save you the trouble of Googling it. The Urban Dictionary entry says it’s “a rope tied to a tree branch or attached to the roof in some indoor swimming pools. Commonly known as a rope swing, people swing on it and either just jump off into the water or do tricks or flips off it. The word Zunga originated in a little town called Powell River in BC, Canada.”

“Commonly known as a rope swing.” That’s the shame of it- there’s a world full of zungas out there, and they don’t even know they are zungas:

8 pics of zungas that don't know they're zungas

By Powtown Post

If you don't know what a zunga is, you're reading the wrong post. 

  • Ur Doing it wrong

    By Powtown Post

    Dude. We know that you're probably just trying to fetch the rope for your kids, but this is backwards and you look silly. 

  • When Powell Riverites go to heaven

    By Powtown Post

    This is how they enter. 

  • You gotta purdy zunga

    By Powtown Post

    These Appalachian hillbillies have no idea they are using a zunga. This photo is from Virginia, so they probably say rope swing. 

  • Fly, little guy

    By Powtown Post

    Excellent form for a young lad. Both hands ready to let go at once, clear of the rope. Ace job, little fella. 

  • Hang time

    By Powtown Post

    This is just a phenomenal picture. It's just a shame they don't know that's a zunga, because this is glorious. 

  • Grown Ups love zungas

    By Powtown Post

    This is from the movie Grown Ups, which apparently featured a zunga. 

  • Zunga does not mean rope flail

    By Powtown Post

    Another American swinging from what he probably calls a "rope swing." Which is kinda like calling a spoon a "food shovel." Let go, dude! You suck. 

  • Deserves to be called a zunga

    By Powtown Post

    This dude looks like he has swung on a lot of zungas- but he had no idea that's what they were called, this picture is from the States. 

*For best results, turn your phone sideways to landscape mode*

rope-swing (2)If you want my opinion, the world’s greatest zunga is the one that was tied to a steep bank about halfway up Goat River. It was the quintessential zunga. Unless you know of one that was better?

What would be amazing is if we could create an entire slideshow of Powell River zunga pics. Send them in! Or post them in the comments, and we’ll make a new zunga post.

Also, share this with someone who “doesn’t get it.”


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