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9 Photos That Show Winter in Powell River Ain’t So Bad

Posted by on Feb 2, 2017

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We’re blessed with relatively mild winters here in Powell River, but this year, we’ve had a bit of a cold snap.

Some of you have fully embraced this winter weather and ventured out into the bush to find snow. Others have stuck closer to home and spent more time indoors than other years. Both are totally okay.

For those of you that have ventured out, we applaud you, for you have photographed your adventures and made us all kind of feel like we were there with you. (While we were wrapped up in our blankets and sitting by the fire. Just kidding. Kind of.)

Here are 9 photos (and 1 video) that tell the story of a glorious winter in Powell River.

So what do folks do in the winter in Powell River to pass the time?

You might be surprised.

They explore the backcountry.

They snowshoe.

Went for a casual stroll through the woods with some bros #troubridge #snowshoebc #powtownpost

A photo posted by //🚲🗻 Powell River 🗻🚲\ (@t.y_b.o) on

They go hiking.

They go for strolls through the woods.

They go dirt biking.

They go to the beach.

Friend finds.

A photo posted by HeyJuelle (@heyjuelle) on

They enjoy winter sunsets.

#Sunset at #2ndbeach in January… kind of like the winters here in #Powtown #powtownpost

A photo posted by Iwan van Veen (@iwanvanveen) on

They go sailing?!?

Nice day for sailing!! 😀

A photo posted by Allan Knapp (@allanknapp) on

… and paddle boarding?

Paddleboarding on the ocean with a flyby and sea lions #paddleboarding #airplane #powtownpost #freakingawesome #powellriver

A video posted by André Huiberts (@andrehuiberts) on

We’ve seen all sorts of weather this year, which definitely gives us a variety of options when it comes to our outdoor activities. Seeing as how it’s Groundhog Day, and the prediction is that we will have an early spring–it has us thinking, does it even really matter if we do have six more weeks of winter? I think we could handle it. We are very lucky to live here.

And we are especially lucky that all of these people submit photos to us through Instagram by tagging them with #powtownpost. We love seeing what you’re up to and sharing your Powtown adventures. Keep ’em coming!

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