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9 Reasons why I love raising my children in Powell River

Posted by on Mar 19, 2015

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We are tickled pink to introduce a new author for Powtown Post, Diana Findlay. She is a Grade 4/5 teacher and librarian for School District #47, a wife, and mother to a 2-year-old, living in Powell River. She enjoys spending time with family, the outdoors, and staying fit. She loves Powell River, and is probably the biggest fan of Powell River sunsets that we know!

winter beach-combing

Combing the beach, even when all bundled up – Photo by Diana Findlay

Calling all young families who are even pondering the thought of making the move to Powell River!

There are too many advantages to list. What wins me over every time, though, is just the quality of life here–the air quality, the water quality, the spectacular scenery and nature, the affordability, and most importantly, the safeness of raising children.

I am a native of Powell River, and I always knew there was something special about this place from early on. But I left town to further pursue my education, and lived in the Lower Mainland for 10 years. There came a point where I thought that I would become a city girl for life, but luckily my path led me back home just in time to start my career as a school teacher, get married, and bring my son into the world. It has been 5 years since my return home and I will never look back again. Living in Powell River is too good to be true. It is like waking up in paradise every single day and I get to share it all with my two-year-old son! I can not emphasize it more–our community is one of the best places on earth to raise a child.

hiking in PR

Hiking in Powell River’s backyard – Photo by Diana Findlay

Powell River’s sense of community is huge. People who live here are genuine, friendly, helpful, and approachable. It has been easy to meet other families around town and build lasting relationships with them – and let’s face it you will be running into the same people around town on a regular basis!

Maybe it is the lack of traffic and close proximities, or maybe it is the fresh air, but people here have TIME. There is never any waiting in long lines, traffic jams, or fear of looking for parking. There is never any long car rides to get to places. You can do so many things with your child here and it feels as if it is all just for you! Throw in that any place you go outdoors is surrounded by the most spectacular scenes of nature, and that’s what makes Powell River the ideal place to raise a family.

Willingdon pier

Willingdon Beach pier in winter – Photo by Diana Findlay

As a teacher here in School District #47, I see first hand that there is no lack of extra-curricular activities that are offered to youth. The beauty of living in this small town is that you can participate in a variety of activities, because there is no travel time to get there.

Ok, so lets get to the specifics. I have been a mom now for two years, and here are the top activities that pre-school children in Powell River can enjoy.

Strong Start

Open at 3 local elementary schools, Strong Start is a FREE drop-in for kids with a focus on early learning. A perfect place to take your child to learn while at play, and to meet with other local parents. You can bring coffee too!

Strong Start

Strong Start – Photo by Diana Findlay

Orca Bus

Children’s activities on the road. It’s basically a Strong Start, but on a bus! The bus moves around town daily, to provide its service to the people of our community. Jump aboard one time!

Recreation Complex

They offer a wide variety of children’s activities–our favourites are swimming, skating, art classes, and the BRAND NEW bike park!

The parks

Choose from many scenic parks with either ocean or lake views, or surrounded by lush greenery. A few favourites are Hernando Park (aka Airplane park), Willingdon Beach Park, Manson Park, Sunset Park, Cranberry Lake, and Mowat Bay Park.

Airplane Park

Hernando Park, better known to locals as Airplane park – Photo by Diana Findlay


Powell River Gymnastics Club offers a drop-in for toddlers a few times a week. The foam pit is a huge favourite.


Powell River is on the coast, which means there are endless beaches to explore! Kids can play for hours.

beach combing

Beach Combing in PR – Photo by Diana Findlay

Powell River Kings hockey games

The are very family orientated, and who does not love ROCCO?? Go Kings go!

Music Lessons

Starting from age 1, children are able to take music lessons at the Powell River Music Academy. They can participate in song and dance, and explore different instruments.

Farmers Market

They’re open in the summer months in Paradise Valley, and they offer free train rides on Sundays.


Now, those are just a few of the many things that you and your children can participate in. Powell River offers so many great ways to help our children grow and succeed in a fantastic environment.

Come join us, bring your kids, or come make some here… COME LIVE THE DREAM!

airplane park

Hanging out at Airplane Park, watching the boat go by – Photo by Diana Findlay

Diana Findlay

Diana Findlay

Teacher at School District #47
Diana is a Grade 4/5 teacher and librarian for School District #47, a wife, and mother to a 3-year-old, living in Powell River.
Diana Findlay

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