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Best of Powell River 2: Our Kooky City

Posted by on Aug 5, 2016

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We asked, you told. And, you were pretty hilarious about it. Here’s a round-up of Best of Powell River questions that reveal the weird and the wonderful hidden in this community.

Best unofficial city slogan:

  1. Powtown
  2. Powell Riviera
  3. I had a good time, actually

Best answers: Bowel Quiver. From the River, wanna giv’er? Home of ‘Lord of the Rings’ woodlands. If you do not like the weather, wait five minutes. It’s just steam. It’s a two-minute drive. P-dot. Where young people go to retire (ed’s note: originally from Portlandia). Powell Rumour. The little town that could, but hasn’t yet. Two ferries can’t be wrong.

Staff notes: Locals heart “Zunga” big time. Many voters worked it in to this category.

Best of Powell River: Zunga

Weirdest thing you boast about this community:

  1. Zunga: The localized word for a rope swing over water
  2. The people and how helpful / eccentric they are
  3. Geographical facts (Third shortest river; shortest highway; largest lake on an island on a lake; isolation; etc.)

Best answers: Almost none of my friends work 9-5 jobs. Best Legion. Cleanest air. Commute. Good pot. Having a large amount of personal space. How early in the spring we mow our lawns. It doesn’t smell anymore. Lots of old cars. Low crime and we will catch you at the ferry terminal! More deer than people. Nicest trimmed hedges. Nosy people but deeply in touch with each other. Number of traffic lights. Choral capital. Palm trees. Prawns. The 1950s airport experience. Vegans.

Best of Powell River

Best place to shake your booty:

  1. The Zoo
  2. The Red Lion
  3. Lund Gazebo / Dwight Hall (tie)

Best answers: Bathroom at home. In my glorious rain shower stall. Sugar Vault… I hope.

Best thing you’ve found at a garage sale:

  1. Antiques
  2. Paintings
  3. Records

Best answers: A boat seat. A jarred skull. A server. A window from Modern. Antique barrel ice cream maker. Chickens. Cowboy coffee pot. Electric meat slicer. Heritage doors from Townsite. Original Viewfinder.

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