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Best of Powell River 3: Best Eats

Posted by on Aug 8, 2016

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The Best of Powell River contest is a great excuse to stretch your culinary wings and eat something new. Here’s what the voters recommended you try. How many of these have you eaten already? How many can you sample before summer ends?

Best of Powell River: Shinglemill's Sunday Appy Caesar

Shinglemill’s Sunday Appy Caesar

Best local cocktail:

  1. Coastal Cookery – River City Breeze
  2. Costa del Sol – Rumbo
  3. Shinglemill – Loaded Caesar Appy

Best answers: Gramma’s local fruit cocktail. Homebrew. The water.

Best local brewski:

  1. Zunga
  2. Suncoast
  3. Powtown Porter

Best local seafood dish:

  1. Costa Del Sol – fish tacos
  2. Laughing Oyster – Gunpowder Prawns
  3. Boardwalk – Fish & Chips

Best answers: BBQ salmon. Crab. Prawns. Purple laver.

Best of Powell River: Striker's Canadian Burger

Striker’s Canadian Burger

Best burger:

  1. Coastal Cookery – Salmon Burger and Mike’s Meaty Burger
  2. Striker’s – Canadian Burger
  3. A&W – Teen Burger

Staff notes: Great burgers can be made in most people’s backyards, so a restaurant burger must be exemplary – an inspiration for the next home barbeque session. And these four absolutely do. Coastal Cookery’s salmon burger is a saucy, soft and succulent, and surprisingly filling. Their beef burger is hefty and more than meets the expectation of the name. Striker’s Canadian introduces maple syrup, poutine cheese and other patriotic flavours. And the A&W teen is classically delicious, made with happy meat, fast, local and very affordable.

Best pizza:

  1. Paparazzi
  2. Haylstonz
  3. Granada

Staff notes: Happily the two pizza joints got top billing here. But the variety of votes here was also notable. Lots of places make pizza. Apparently, lots of them do it well in Powtown.

Best brunch:

  1. Magpie’s
  2. Edie Rae’s
  3. Julie’s

Staff notes: Who doesn’t love brunch? It’s the trendy meal, and this was hotly contested. Serving eggs and pancakes isn’t enough to get you noticed in this category. It was also one of our most-voted categories. Powell River takes brunch seriously!

Best dessert:

  1. Costa Del Sol – Key Lime Pie
  2. Skeeter Jack’s – Cheesecake
  3. Alchemist – Creme Brulee

Best salad:

  1. Tree Frog
  2. Coastal Cookery
  3. Costa Del Sol

Best Answer: You can’t make friends with salad.

Best buffet:

  1. Laughing Oyster
  2. Royal Zayka
  3. Dragon House
Best of Powell River: Rene's gelato

Gelato from Rene’s Pasta

Best ice cream:

  1. Putter’s
  2. Sassy Mack’s
  3. Rene’s Pasta

Staff notes: Three very different products sharing one category. Putter’s is classic fountain ice cream served by a crew of absolutely lovely teens (think Gen Z is hopeless? Let these scoop-wielders make you believe in the future again). Sassy Mack’s artisan decadence is regularly in Lund and sometimes available at markets and festivals, so it inspires hunting. And Rene’s store-crafted gelato is a fresh taste of Venice right here on Marine. Close your eyes and think of the Grand Canal.

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