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Bike ride of the month in Powell River: Suicide Creek and Aloha Trails

Posted by on Apr 10, 2015

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trails2Park at the Suicide Creek Trail head with a plan to ride counter-clockwise. (Check out the map)

The options here are to ride just Suicide Creek, which is mostly flat with only slight technical challenges and a “Blue Square”rating/level (based because of exposed roots). When you complete this lovely lasso shaped loop, you can turn left as you come out of Suicide and be back at your vehicle in about 1-2 minutes. This ride is 30 minutes for advanced, up to 1+ hour for a beginner rider.

aloha2Many possibilities to extend this ride are available, but one favourite choice among locals is to include adding Far Side “Green Circle” on to Kelly Falls, across and up Aloha “Green Circle”(steep climb on the bike for about 15 minutes for beginners to 6 minutes for intermediates), up and across Green Road and back down Death Rattle (name is worse than the trail) “Blue Square”rating/level (based because of exposed roots and steepness grade of Death Rattle) rideable by most if not all intermediate level riders.

alohaComing out of Death Rattle on the road the option is to turn left and ride the road back to your vehicle (5-10 minutes on road) or turn right and across the road for about 1 minute and then ride down W8 trail “Blue Square” based on steepness only, then turn left on Sweet Water “Green Circle” or a few minutes further and then turning left on Cable Trail also “Green Circle” and then ride either one of these beauties of a trail for an additional 15 more unforgettable minutes of single track back to your vehicle!

Remember to bring a friend and always be prepared to ride the backcountry with a spare tube, some tools, food & water and always tell someone your planned route in case something goes amiss!ducklatemaps

Download a copy of the map.

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Brendan Behan

Brendan Behan

Contributor at Cycling Correspondent
Brendan Behan is a husband, father of two, and founding Director of the Powell River Cycling Association. He enjoys all things outdoors but is especially obsessed with road and mountain cycling.
Brendan Behan

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