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The CRC is making beans count – and in October, you can too!

Posted by on Oct 2, 2016

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Powell River Community Resource Centre (CRC)

Stewart enjoys a coffee and some veggies at the CRC.

The kitchen at Joyce Avenue’s Community Resource Centre is under pressure this fall, and needs your help. Starting in July, the number of locals showing up hungry surged 30 percent – and shows no signs of slowing.

So staff at the CRC have organized an October staples drive (skip to the end for more about what you can do).

“With rental rates as high as they are now, people are forgoing phone, Internet and groceries because the majority of their money is going towards trying to live inside,” said Martyn Woolley, the manager of the CRC. He notes that the CRC’s clients are mostly retirees on fixed incomes, people with disabilities, and people working at low-wage jobs.

The centre feeds about 100 people a day hearty soup, casseroles, eggy brunches, and other nutrition-packed meals, alongside offering a cozy drop-in, advocacy, life-skills training, and other services.

Looking ahead, winter 2016/17 will likely mean a wave of new clients looking for sustenance at the CRC.

Here, a tiny food budget goes a long, long way. Staff are experts at stretching groceries.

Counting beans at the CRC (Powell River Community Resource Centre)

Split peas make a hearty, filling and nutritious soup for fall.

Want to help the hundreds of locals who are hungry this fall?

Please drop any of the following off at the CRC – 4752 Joyce Ave – during October. Let’s stock those shelves!

  • Canned tomato sauce and paste
  • Dried beans
  • Dried lentils
  • Dried pasta
  • Any liquid stock (not cubes or powders)
  • Brown and white sugar
  • Cooking oil
  • Dried nuts, seeds and fruit
  • Coffee and tea

If you have questions about this project or the CRC, please call Martyn Woolley at 604-485-0992.

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