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Adventures in Powell River: What not to wear to a fully clothed potluck in Desolation Sound

Posted by on Mar 24, 2015

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What to do? What to do?

Sometimes there are so many things going on in Powell River, it’s hard to choose. For example, there was the Powell River Public Library’s Poetry SLAM at Cranberry Hall, which is always a high-energy good time and at which I’ve had the challenge of being a judge twice. There are some very talented poets in our community, but not only that, some very talented poets who nail it on delivery. Then there was Metal Mayhem at the Community Resource Centre which promised to be a hard rockin’ night of sound explosion. There was even the monthly potluck dinner held by the Powell River Métis Society.

What's on the potluck menu?  A little bit of everything!

What’s on the potluck menu? A little bit of everything!

What to do? What to do?

Here’s what Bob and I did: beer and snacks followed by a spring equinox potluck in Lancelot Inlet.

The beer, mini cupcakes, and pretzels were courtesy of Townsite Brewing as they celebrated their third birthday. And what a ride it’s been, starting from nothing to becoming an award-winning brewery. While we were there, there was a steady stream of well-wishers and regular patrons, all to the delicate and cheerful strummings of Juhli Jobi and her ukulele.

Townsite Brewing Growlers: where customization is encouraged!  (artwork by Brad Collins)

Townsite Brewing Growlers: customization is encouraged! (artwork by Brad Collins)

Just a few short hours later, there we were, bundled up aboard a boat headed for the wilds of Desolation Sound to celebrate the official, if a day late, arrival of spring. We were accompanying friends and we didn’t know exactly where we were going or who’d be there, but we had food and beverages so figured we’d be well-received. And besides, this is a place where neighbours catch up while grasping each other’s boat gunwales while floating in the middle of the inlet— so we had no worries.

After about half an hour on the water, we arrived at our destination and the 10 of us (including two dogs) were indeed welcomed with open arms by a close-knit community of oyster farmers. They didn’t even tease us for looking like dorks in our life jackets. In fact, they seemed eager to show us their way of life. They journey to town and experience “civilization” but so rarely do they get a boatful of city slickers pulling up to their dock.

I have a new appreciation for the perseverance, self-reliance, and creativity these hard-working folks possess. Some have places in town as a base but others live solo on their farms full-time, and only come into town once a month. They’ve built funky and cozy solar-powered homes using salvaged materials when they can and have gardens to put food on their tables.

And what food! What I love about potlucks is the variety. Of course on this night we were treated to BBQ oysters, along with a delectable Israeli couscous salad, super fresh maki rolls, salmon wraps, a dip that was the embodiment of spring garnished with herbs, nuts, and rose petals, crab, a gourmet sandwich from bistro heaven, and a crazy good sour cream cake frosted with whipped cream. Swaddled in layer upon layer with gumboots on my feet, I felt a little under-dressed for the abundance of delicate flavours one would normally expect at a fancy restaurant.

I can’t describe how much fun we all had. The conversations were lively and as we explored the property, we felt like children on an adventure seeing things with new eyes.

Then someone said, “Well, best get going, the tide’s dropping.” If we’d forgotten how far from our daily lives we were, that would’ve pinpointed it exactly. We each occupy our own little corners of the world, and the beauty of life in the Powell River area is that you can live the lifestyle that suits you. The possibilities are endless.

Time to head home at the end of a perfect day.

Time to head home at the end of a perfect day.

Remember, Bob and I want to hear your suggestions for things to do. Activities that are creative and represent Powell River are best!

Our thanks to Grant Lawrence for the inspiration for the headline of this post. 

Angie Davey

Angie Davey

I love Powell River, especially my neighbourhood of Townsite. I've built the life I've always wanted here and it's filled with good friends, meaningful work, and fun. Originally from Vancouver Island, I believe home is where the heart is and Powell River is home.
Angie Davey

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