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Then & Now: Powell River girl re-creates vacation photos her parents took 30 years ago

Posted by on Apr 1, 2016

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Bernadette Behan and Paul Deveau of Powell River travelled to Australia and New Zealand in 1984.

In 2016, their daughter Brittany, 24, is backpacking Australia and New Zealand, and hitting some of same touristy spots they did over 30 years ago. And you will love what she is doing. She is re-creating some of the same photos at popular landmarks.

Bernadette and Paul claim they didn’t even know she scanned the old photos before she left. Some, they don’t even remember taking!

The results are, in a word, epic.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

sydney harbour bridge

Photo: Brittany Deveau // “Paul back in 84′ and me today!”

In the comments on Facebook, Brittany explains that you now aren’t allowed to enter where her father is standing in the 1984 photo.

The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour


Photo: Brittany Deveau // “The Big Banana! Changed a bit in 33 years”

Indeed, the The Big Banana has changed over the years, but it still remains in Coffs Harbour, and makes for an excellent photo op.

Three Rivers Fountain, Adelaide

Photo: Brittany Deveau // "Basically came to Adelaide so I could get this photo. Definitely worth it. The fountain was moved a couple years ago that's why you don't see the clock tower in the back. It's about a few hundred feet behind the fountain now."

Photo: Brittany Deveau // “Basically came to Adelaide so I could get this photo. Definitely worth it.”

Here, Brittany explains, “The fountain was moved a couple years ago, that’s why you don’t see the clock tower in the back. It’s about a few hundred feet behind the fountain now.

Douglas Walk Swing Bridge, Franz Josef Glacier, NZ


Photo: Brittany Deveau // “Franz Josef – Douglas walk swing bridge”

In Brittany’s comments on Facebook, she said, “Moms going to die when she sees this one haha.” Well, we’re pretty sure Bernadette has a good sense of humour.

Somewhere near Opononi, NZ

"Hitchhiking to Opononi" / Photo: Brittany Deveau

Photo: Brittany Deveau // “Hitchhiking to Opononi”

From Brittany’s Facebook post:

“Well my trip is coming to an end☹. This is my last recreated picture. I can’t say we did any hitchhiking and I’m definitely not in the exact same spot but it’s in the same area in the very North of New Zealand just South of Opononi. Glad you guys have enjoyed all the pictures. It’s been fun.😊”

It’s amazing how much things change, but at the same time, remain completely the same. I’ve once heard someone say “We all travel in the same circles.” It’s true, don’t you think? Have you ever run into someone you know on the other side of the world?

And good on you, Brittany, for going on this adventure and entertaining us all–and I’m sure bringing back a lot of fond memories for your parents.

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