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Last summer together in PR: Grads say goodbye

Posted by on Jun 18, 2016

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You might remember him as Prince Eric in the musical, The Little Mermaid. Or bringing down the house as the Cowardly Lion in Wizard of Oz. At the Hap, you may have seen him play defence with the house league. But now, Jeremy Hopper is getting ready to graduate this June, alongside 211 other Brooks Secondary students.

Powell River’s most-recognizable grad of 2016 is going to the University of British Columbia this fall to study business. Eventually, he plans to enter law school. But that’s still a long way off.

First, he said, he plans to thoroughly enjoy the summer. This is it. The last time his buddies will all be together before they go off in all directions.

“I’m definitely excited. It’s a brand new chapter. We’re adults now,” he said in an interview with Powell River Living at Brooks’ cafeteria. “It’s time to transition from high school, to college, and then into a career. I guess I am also nervous. It means more independence. I have to do stuff for myself like laundry, and cooking my own food.”

A few other Brooks grads are also moving to UBC this fall; others are off to the University of Victoria, some are travelling Europe.

But again, the fall is far, far in the future.

For Jeremy, his high school years were rich with memories. Musicals. Festivals of Performing Arts. Tennis. Baseball. Soccer. Hockey. Classes such as accounting and economics. Student Council. The Link Leader Crew, which offers tiny Grade 8s mentorship in the form of Grade 12 buddies (“It is scary for sure,” Jeremy says, remembering his own freshman year.) Friends. Ambition. Family. He’s leaving a younger sister and brother in Powell River, with mom and dad, when he moves away.

What’s Jeremy’s advice to younger students?

“Slow time down. Savour every moment. Enjoy it because it goes a lot quicker than you think. I thought in September that I still had a lot of time left at Brooks. I didn’t.”

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