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How I spend summers in Powell River now that I’m a Grandma

Posted by on Jun 6, 2016

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My grandchildren: Jaxon and Ava / Photo: Barbara Behan

My grandchildren, Jaxon and Ava / Photo: Barbara Behan

While I usually tell people that fall is my favourite season in Powell River, summers are definitely a popular time for visitors and tourists here.

Since I’ve had grandchildren, I’m beginning to see Powell River in a whole new light. My two grandchildren, Jaxon (age 8) and Ava (age 5) live in Vancouver. They live in a very nice part of the city near False Creek, but there are so many things that they can do in Powell River that they don’t get a chance to do in Vancouver.

Our grandkids pedal-boating on Powell Lake with their Auntie and Uncle / Photo: Barbara Behan

Pedal-boating on Powell Lake with their Aunt and Uncle / Photo: Barbara Behan

For the past couple of years, they have come up here to take their swimming lessons at the very pool that their Dad worked at as a lifeguard when he was a teenager. They saw a picture of him there that they think is pretty cool. Swimming lessons only take half an hour a day, so this leaves us plenty of time for other pursuits, and they get to stay for two weeks. We have met other grandparents at the pool doing the same thing, and the kids have made new friends at their classes.

Mini-golfing at Putter's / Photo: Barbara Behan

Mini-golfing at Putter’s / Photo: Barbara Behan

I usually do some research to see what is going on in town before they come, so we can make sure to take it all in.

So many activities!

In the past we have attended the outdoor movie at Larry Gouthro Park, which is sponsored by First Credit Union. They told me that “this was the best day ever!” We’ve gone mini golfing, spent lots of time at Willingdon Beach, had campfires with s’mores and of course, gone “up the lake.” They have both experienced the Orca bus, a puppet show, and reading time put on by the local library. There have been quad rides, and sliding on a homemade slip and slide in the hot weather (a tarp with dish soap on it).

Willingdon Beach with my granddaughter / Photo: Barbara Behan

Willingdon Beach with my granddaughter / Photo: Barbara Behan

Once, a friend of mine invited Jaxon and Ava to her granddaughter’s birthday party at the Gymnastics Club. When we pulled into the parking lot, Jaxon yelled, “Yay, there’s parking!” He couldn’t understand why I thought that was so funny.

This year they are a little older, and I think that maybe they are big enough to bike around Inland Lake, and maybe we’ll hike into Appleton Canyon.

The kids playing pirates with their Grandpa as we head "up the lake"

The kids playing pirates with their Grandpa as we head “up the lake” / Photo: Barbara Behan

I know that right now my grandchildren love coming to Powell River, and we love having them. I also know that maybe someday they won’t be as anxious to come, but I hope that day is a long way off.

For now, I can’t wait until the beginning of July. See you at the beach!

What about you? What activities do you like to do in Powell River with your children or grandchildren?

Barbara Behan

Barbara Behan

Chief Mom at Powtown Post
Barbara Behan is enjoying retirement in Powell River and is the mother of the Powtown Post Founders. She runs, hikes, dragon boats, and travels. A lot.
Barbara Behan

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