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The hype around 2016 Powell River Logger Sports continues

Posted by on Feb 16, 2016

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Who is excited for this year’s Powell River Logger Sports? I know I am.

There seems to be more and more chatter online, too. The best place to find information, other than the official website, is the Facebook group–the same one that was originally used to gather supporters to bring it back. This group has become the de facto place to share old photos, look for volunteers to peel logs, to rally sponsors, and to sell goods like t-shirts and hoodies for the event.

Tuesday, February 16, they raised the poles at Willingdon Beach and several people were there to watch, take photos and videos. Our contributing photographer, Leah Lloyd Laurie, was down there to catch some of the action. Here is a slideshow of the morning’s activities.

Raising of the Poles: 2016 Powell River Logger Sports

By Powtown Post

On February 16, 2016, the poles for the 2016 Canadian & World Championship Logger Sports were raised at Willingdon Beach.

(If viewing on mobile, it’s best to turn your phone sideways.)


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