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Think you can’t grow a food garden? Think again!

Posted by on May 7, 2016

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Powell River is blessed with ideal growing conditions for many plants. But does you feel your green thumb is more a shade of pale, withered brown – like the last plants you tried to grow? We share your pain.

It can be done! Even the least green among us can grow enough greens to provide a pretty regular fresh salad. Here’s how. (Scroll to the bottom to get a free e-book!)

gourmet lettuce blend_6596

Be a pothead

Heather Claxton at Mother Nature recommends starting your garden with pots. They require less maintenance than traditional gardens, have fewer weeds, and are easier to harvest. They’re also easier and less costly to set up. If you’re a renter, unmarried, have no tattoos, or otherwise struggle with commitment, pot and planters are for you.

4 green lettuce_6599

What to grow

Lettuce is a salad staple. A salad mix seed packet or starter plants widen your green choices. Also consider beets, carrots, onions, tomatoes, kale, pea and beans and spinach.

2 peas_6601

How to grow

Just follow the instructions on the seed packet. Seriously. It’s that easy. You’ve got this!


Just ask at Mother Nature, or check out their blog at

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