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When the weather in PR sucks, do any of these 12 things

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016

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Powell River is a special place and when the sun is shining, it shows its beauty. Yet, because it is a unique place, and because of its isolation, it is important to remember that there still are things to do in PowTown regardless of inclement weather. Here are 12.

1. Hike, walk, run, and ride. Just dress for it, don’t go for too long, and pick a trail that is familiar. Tell someone where you are going. Any brochure will tell you that.

South Powell Divide / Photo:

South Powell Divide / Photo: Ryan McBride on Flickr

2. Take in a Rep hockey game. It is pretty good hockey, it’s free to park, free to watch–and you will probably know someone to cheer for.

3. Drop in where the elderly hang out. A&W, Tim Horton’s, the library, or the best source might be the waiting room at the hospital lab. Start a conversation. You will learn something about Powell River, it’s past, and it’s people. You might even learn that a conversation gives advice and cures loneliness.


A & W, where some of Powell River’s elderly like to get their coffee.

4. Take your family to the Townsite. Again, put on the right gear and walk. Look at the houses, the doors, the roofs and the windows. Look at the old landscaping and trees. Tell everyone a story of a particular home, or a school, even if it is made up. Wonder together what it was like: what games did the children play in the street, how did the families form friendships? Did the moms really talk over the clothesline all afternoon?

Make the kids aware of the patterns of the street names. Get them psyched about other street names in PR. It is pretty cool. Pick up giant maple leaves, and pretend you are going to dry them out and paint them.

Townsite / Photo: Fred on Flickr

Townsite / Photo: fred on Flickr

5. Stop at a grocery store and pick up some vegetables, or ask your friends to bring over what they might have to spare. Grab a bottle of wine or coffee and start chopping. Chop and visit with each other. Celery, carrots, onions, yes, expensive cauliflower, kale, turnips…Put it all into giant zip-lock bags and drop it off at a soup kitchen. Or, if it is a rainy Sunday or Saturday, do it anyway and keep it until Tuesday for the Salvation Army, or Monday for the spaghetti at the United Church.

Produce / Photo: Peyri Herrera on Flickr

Photo: Peyri Herrera on Flickr

6. Go watch little kids play soccer, or see them swim at the pool. Not creepily, of course. Have a hot drink, and just enjoy them; giggling, happy splashes, running in one big chain around the field, or staring at their new boots while the ball goes by. You will smile.

7. Walk or drive to the ocean. Don’t take your phone. Just watch salt water. Taste it. If it’s windy, even better.

Grief Point / Photo: LiveSmart BC on Flicr

Grief Point / Photo: LiveSmart BC on Flickr

8. Sit on a dock, bundled up, and eat french fries until the ketchup gets watery and the chips are soggy. You are braving the elements; there is no guilt. The same rule applies for a cinnamon bun from Nancy’s Bakery. Just make sure there is weather while working it to your tummy. Grit, not guilt.

9. Go have a peek at the dam. Look at all the driftwood. Take a picture. Save it for a future photo contest you dream of winning.

10. Gather foliage in the trails. It is less wet and windy in there. Make someone a centrepiece. Or just cram it all into a bucket on your porch. It will still look good, and you will feel happy. Worst case; stash it in your garage. It will make the sports equipment have a more bearable smell.

Nature Trail / Photo: David Stanley on Flickr

Nature Trail / Photo: David Stanley on Flickr

11. Invite friends over for a barbecue. Serve food you serve in July. Use sunscreen as your hand lotion. Play cards or a board game. Kick a ball. Kids love mud. You will smell summer.

12. Finally, just water-ski. It can be done, with a smile. Just ask our own Matt McDowell.

So, ignore the elements and just enjoy. Be creative, be adventurous, dress for it, and show up.

Rain or shine. Someone very wise must have said it, because it’s true, and it works.

They probably lived here.

Nancy Dietrich

Nancy Dietrich

Nancy moved from Vancouver to Powell River 23 years ago with her husband and two children. She has never looked back since! She loves the lake, the ocean, and the people.
Nancy Dietrich

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