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You’ll never guess what the BOMB Squad has done now

Posted by on May 9, 2016

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The BOMB Squad has just finished about 3,000 hours of volunteer work transforming the trails in Powell River’s central urban forest.

Millennium Park now boasts 42 signs for all trails and intersections. The Bloody Old Men’s Brigade installed 592 feet of new boardwalk to improve drainage and allow for better all-weather use.

McFall Creek bridge

On May 28th the success of this phase of the Millennium Park project will be celebrated with a community event named “A Walk in the Park.” Come and bring your walking shoes.

The most significant construction was the new 80-foot bridge across the upper section of McFall Creek, linking Kingfisher and McFall Creek trails to complete a true circle route up from Willingdon Beach.

The projects cost about $24,000 – a 2014 grant from the Powell River Community Forest. When applying, the BOMB Squad recognized how much effort was being put in to the acquisition of the lands, and hoped to improve the trails.

New bridge next to Pole Line

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