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5 Reasons to Pony up for Fall Fair

Posted by on Sep 13, 2016

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Are you cabbages colossal? Are your pickles piquant?

Here’s how to enter your stuff in the Sept. 17 & 18 Fall Fair.

“Blackberry season is done, and the harvest has come in. It’s time, oh Powell River friends and family thou, for the Fall Fair to begin.” 

My memories of the Fall Fair are about as home-spun Canadiana as it gets. Hay, goats, antique farm machines, livestock, scarecrows, giant pumpkins–the works.

Located at the mouth of the aptly named Paradise Valley, you’ll find your parking space somewhere along a yellow-grass country road near the horse pens and the lumberyard. From there, you’ll be greeted through the dark trees and the fall-coloured trees that surround the property with the sound of live music and the smell of food.

Follow your ears or your nose. Both will lead you in.

Wooden market stalls line the main thoroughfare selling fresh produce from Powell River’s local farms, as well as arts, crafts, preserves, and baked goods of all sorts. A rustic band stand makes up the corner of the market and boasts a packed schedule of local folk performers.

There was a time where you might have even found me there dressed in medieval combat armour, swinging sword, shield, and axe around with the local Vikings and steel-clad knights aspirant. We were there as part of the Society for Creative Anachronism demonstrating the workings of an authentic medieval European encampment. It just so happened to go hand in glove with the equestrian and archery clubs that reside there out on the fair grounds.

Alas, not this year.

However, here are five reasons I’ll be at Fall Fair–in my 21st century garb:

1. Zucchini Races

Participants need to bring their own zucchinis – they can be decorated and made into “vehicles” that will be raced down a ramp. Kids can use their creativity to make them go as fast as they can (on the zucchini’s own power). $2 per entry and there will be prizes. There will also be a hay toss competition with prizes.

2. Ride the new train tracks

Volunteers with the Powell River Forestry Museum have been working hard to complete the train expansion project by the Fall Fair. It will allow the train to run around the field (to be planted with rye), through the trees and even through a tunnel, until it joins back up with the existing track for an exciting ride for the kids.

fall fair pie

Can you beat this pie? (Can you eat this pie?) Try, at Fall Fair!

3. Food & music

Market organizer Juhli Jobi promises lots of amazing food vendors to feed the crowds as well as bakers, farmers and artisans. Listen for the Blues Busters, Jim Baron, Scout Mountain and Paradise while you enjoy your plate of deliciousness.

4. Witness the new garden and bank

A “ground-breaking” for the Powell River Seed Bank garden is on the schedule. During the weekend, too, the field beside the train will be tilled so that a fall rye can be planted.

5. Barn bonanza

Sheep! Eggs! Jam! Lego! Quilts! The full list of contest categories can be found at They’ll be on display in one barn. Meanwhile, the other barn will be full of animals and local homesteading and farming information.

By Brad Collins

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