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Best of Powell River 5: Get Outside!

Posted by on Aug 10, 2016

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It’s sunny. But in just a couple of months, the deluge is coming. Carabiner on to your best buddies, your dogs, and head out into the woods and onto the water. Here’s the best of what’s out there, according to the Best of Powell River voters.

Best place to run

  1. Willingdon Beach Trail
  2. Inland Lake
  3. Sea Walk

Best answers: The Knack on Boxing Day. I try not to unless chased by a bear.

Best trail to hike with kids

  1. Willingdon
  2. Inland Lake
  3. Trinket Trail

Best answers: From the living room to the kitchen.

Manzanita Bluffs, view

Manzanita Bluffs, view

Best mountain bike trail

  1. Suicide Creek
  2. Inland Lake
  3. Bob’s Your Uncle

Best trail to power hike

  1. Scout Mountain / Valentine Mountain (tie)
  2. Tin Hat
  3. Blackwater Creek / Sweetwater Creek (tie)

Best dog park/area

  1. Townsite (Henderson)
  2. Manson Avenue (Larry Gouthro Park)
  3. Sea walk

Best answers: Around the block. Seems like dogs are banned everywhere.

Best trail for horses

  1. Tanglewood to Duck Lake
  2. West Lake
  3. Wildwood

Best ATV Trail

  1. Theodosia Inlet
  2. A-Branch
  3. Duck Lake connectors

Best food garden

  1. Mine
  2. Community Resource Centre
  3. Morrison’s Farm in Wildwood

Best answers: Clam gardens in Okeover. Neighbour Ed. Used to be my own but moved and am starting over again.

Best zunga

  1. Townsite Brewing
  2. Powell Lake
  3. Willingdon Beach

Staff notes: Well, duh. Of course beer wins. What we meant was the rope swings, but we’ll give it to the brewers–they know what Powell River loves. Powell Lake has a number of zungas dotting its shores, and we weren’t always sure which one voters meant. We think the best is the one where you always hit the water, not the tree, at the end. And if you can do it with a beer in hand, the more power to you.

Stay at the new Golden Stanley hut on the Sunshine Coast Trail for the mere cost of some sweat and healthy strain.

Stay at the new Golden Stanley hut on the Sunshine Coast Trail for the mere cost of some sweat and healthy strain.

Best hut on the Sunshine Coast Trail

  1. Tin Hat
  2. Manzanita Hut
  3. Fairview Bay Hut

Best lake for frogs

  1. Inland Lake
  2. Cranberry Lake
  3. Powell Lake

Best answers: Eww.

Inland Lake: great for finding frogs

Inland Lake: great for finding frogs

Best flower garden

  1. Mine
  2. Boxwood Cottage – Diana Woods
  3. Wildwood Gardens & Nursery

Best answers: Charlene at Safeway. Mom’s house.

Best playground

  1. Willingdon
  2. Hernando Park
  3. PR Christian School

Best official campground

  1. Haywire Bay
  2. Inland Lake
  3. Dinner Rock / Willingdon Beach (tie)

Best answer: Any free one. 

Best unofficial camping spot

  1. Duck Lake
  2. Haslam Lake
  3. Savary Island South Beach

Best answers: I’ll never tell. Wal-Mart parking lot. Shttt.

Best beach for swimming

  1. Mowat Bay / Mahoods Beach (tie)
  2. Donkersley Beach
  3. Second Beach / Haslam Lake (tie)

Best answers: Complex pool: no sharks.

Staff notes: Lots of variety and lots of close contests, and two ties. Powell River knows its beaches, and they are awesome.

Black bear wanders past the Gymnastics Club on Joyce Ave.

Black bear wanders past the Gymnastics Club on Joyce Ave.

Best place to see wildlife

  1. Everywhere
  2. Wildwood / in town
  3. Desolation Sound

Best answers: Riding my bike to work. The Zoo at the Westview. The boat ramp at the Shinglemill. Wildwood garbage day.


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