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Bike ride of the month in Powell River: Twisted Sister

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015

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All photos in this post courtesy of the Wild Women Cycling Club.

All photos in this post courtesy of the Wild Women Cycling Club.

“Twisted Sister” – Start at the Farmer’s Market

A heart pounder, leg emptier, smile producing sweat infested ride and bring a beer from TSB for after-ride celebrations!

This is a fun, local-knowledge-only ride and we are sharing it with you! Inspired by the Wild Women Cycling Club’s infamous ride called “Twisted Sister” but with some variation all just for fun of course.

Wild Women Cycling Group

Meeting Place/Starting Place is The local Farmer’s Market – start the ride on a Saturday or Sunday Morning and get some local goodies pre- or post- ride if you time it right and the ride will be just that much more magical! (hint: seek out the sourdough croissants)

The Farmer’s Market is located at the north end of Paradise Valley (between Powell River’s airport and Valley Lumber) and if you are riding from town, it is now almost completely connected with road side bike lanes thanks to the hard work of PRCA.

Starting on an unmarked but somewhat obvious route, there is a soft climb to start up a dirt double wide root crossed path but manageable by some beginners and most intermediate riders which brings you up to Mcleod Road climb (not labeled). This is a crushed rock old logging road that climbs for about 10-25 minutes depending on you, your effort and fitness. Never fear, the ride is totally worth it!

Begin the fun:

bike-3bike-4Catch your breath, have a drink of H2O, enjoy the view, and then turn right onto Enchanted Forest (Blue Square for rocks and steepness variation). You are on Airport Bluffs (Blue Square), melding in Enchanted Forest and you are in true-blue mountain biking paradise and didn’t know what was hitting you (besides some branches and mud of course)!
Enchanted Forest is what legends are built upon, stories told, and high fives along with ‘woot woots’ because this technical but down hill trail is fun fun fun! So much fun in fact,  that this route is used as part of the Vancouver Island XC Series!

At the bottom you are now on Fred’s Trail (green circle) and you will turn left! One of Powell River’s original biking trails with much history that we’ll leave for another day – needless to say, very popular but due to some overuse it is widening and so we ask you to be respectful of this route sticking to the line as best possible.

Heading up Fred’s Trail, you will eventually hit the large connector known as Blue Trail (Green Circle – yes we see the irony here). A double wide route with some ruts and mud but used by hikers, bikers and even those guys with motors!

bike-5Turn right on Blue Trail and keep a keen eye open on your right for a very quietly unmarked trail (Bogie’s Trail).
Turn right onto Bogie’s Trail (Blue Square) and in you go to a twisty, turny, technical root filled trail that will make you sweat and smile all at the same time! Be aware though – there is one crossing where most walk their bikes across an elevated log (Short Black Diamond Section) or if you have no fear of pain, are advanced skill level and of course have ‘done this kind of thing before’ ride across.

(NOTE* PRCA does not encourage or condone risky riding behavior that puts you, your friends or trail users at any risk of harm. The fall potential is about 10 feet maximum.)

Riding the rest of Bogie’s Trail down after this little interruption is just as fun and sweet! (It happens to be one of the PRCA President’s favorite trails in PR!

At the bottom of Bogie’s Trail (across the newish logging road interruption) turn left onto West Lake Trail (Green Circle) un-named but labelled as such as there is a connection of lake side trails circling around West Lake.

As you ride through along keep your eye to the left: a trail, hand built by one of the founders of PRCA, and still stands the test of time as a great trail UP or DOWN.
13 Slurpees is awesome! (Blue Square/Black Diamond for tight corners and steepness) You are going UP – it is tight, twisty, circular, shifty and you now know what your made of! This is hard but you are awesome and love riding your bike!

This tough and oh so so sweet riding is awesomesauce to the core!

Riding up 13 Slurpees you can’t wait to come back and ride it down on this or your next ride! The builder, Wayne, intended this as a down-hill trail but it is so good both ways we included the ‘up’ in this route!
At the top, turn left onto the old slash road and then turn left on Blue Trail once again.

bike-6Riding along Blue Trail , getting your breath, your snack & water and your mind back into order you will then turn left on Fred’s Trail (yeah you’ve been here before but now your going down it). Riding down Fred’s to the bottom, you will then be turning right onto Two Track Trail (Blue Square).
Coming to the end of the Two Track Trail you will then be turning a slight right/shift across to Siesta Trail (Blue Square) and going home (and glad to be going home for that beer to celebrate).

You are almost home – you are back to the unnamed trail that brought you up here and dropping down to Farmer’s Market!

Have fun, Be safe.

Ride with a buddy (or more) and always be prepared for any kind of event including a flat tire, a bonk, sunburn or a tumble! Riding a bike, along with many sports carry some element of risk – so does sitting on the couch watching Young & The Restless!


Keep The Rubber Side Down!

Brendan Behan

Brendan Behan

Contributor at Cycling Correspondent
Brendan Behan is a husband, father of two, and founding Director of the Powell River Cycling Association. He enjoys all things outdoors but is especially obsessed with road and mountain cycling.
Brendan Behan

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