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Cheering for your Powell River Villa could help win a BC title

Posted by on Apr 16, 2015

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What: Second Round of BC Provincials 

When: Sunday, April 19th @ 1:30pm

Where: Cranberry Field 

Division 3 Winner Cup, VISL Team of the Year Award and Divisional MVP

L-R: Billy Etci Apla, Rhys Unger, Kye Taylor, Brody Harry, Chris McDonough

Hey Powell River, Villa Captain Kye Taylor wrote the story below. What he didn’t say was that Villa has won their League, and were chosen by the other teams as the top team as well. They’re in the second round of the Provincials, and could use your cheers and support on Sunday. Share this post and let’s get a big crowd out to support the lads.

Villa plays second round of BC’s on Sunday

There is nothing like arriving on game day knowing you have done the work and are ready to devour whoever is placed in front of you.

In my opinion, our “bring ’em on mentality”, is bolstered by our PR upbringing. We play island teams, but we are on the mainland. Any team I have ever played on from PR was a family and so much tighter than most others. While ferries and logistics can be a nuisance, they are our secret advantage in that our teams spend countless hours hanging out in waiting rooms, ferries, vans, and hotels, creating that bond that makes us that much harder to defeat. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A rainy battle at Timberlane

A rainy battle at Timberlane

We March on Sunday

The 5 P’s are something I’ve learned throughout my career. It translates both on and off the field also. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Do the work, reap the benefits. Or, as I say in my work, endure temporary discomfort for long term gain. Embrace the feeling of pain and difficulty…strengthens body and spirit. What more is there?

My lungs burn and legs tighten, laden with lactic acid. In between running intervals, words of encouragement are muttered in broken sentences, as we all try to get the oxygen our muscles so desperately need.

“Alright boys,” I say through baited breath. “Gimme what ya got. Half-and-back three times. Ready?” I’m met with reluctant looks, but they can thank me later.


Get out and support your Powell River Villa on Sunday. Sing, chat and cheer on your team to a Provincial title Sunday at 1:30 at Cranberry Field. There’s a concession with burgers— it’s the hottest free ticket in town. 

Kye Taylor

Kye Taylor

Kinesiologist and Health & Fitness Supervisor at Sunshine Coast Health Centre
Kye Taylor grew up in Powell River before heading south to attend Coastal Carolina University and Seattle Pacific University respectively, to play soccer and pursue his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Kye returned home to Powell River in 2007, and is currently captain of the Powell River Villa soccer team.
Kye Taylor

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