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Texada residents raising funds to host Syrian refugee family on the island

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016

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Texada from overhead in an airplane.

Texada from overhead in an airplane.

For a family escaping a war zone and drought in their home country, the peace and quiet of Texada Island might seem like worlds away. For one family though, that transition might become a reality.

A group of Texada residents has started a crowdfunding campaign to sponsor a Syrian refugee family to live on Texada Island. From the text on the campaign page:

Texada Betherock Refugee Fund

Betherock is a group of Texada residents who wish to bring a Syrian refugee family to Texada under the Government of Canada refugee program in conjunction with the United Church of Canada. We are Karen May, Sheridann Kristoffersen, Lin Johnson, Fran Garner, and Sharon and Kevin Black.

We are raising money to help fund the program to bring a Syrian refugee family to Texada for a year.
The money will be used for accommodation, clothes, food and living expenses, travel, education, and whatever other services are needed to help the family settle in Canada.

We need the funds to be committed by the end of February, 2016.

We feel that the refugees of war need a safe place to escape from the violence of conflict and to settle with their family. Whatever the cause of conflict, children are not to blame, and should not suffer the consequences of war. The Government of Canada program helps us reach out and bring a family to safety on Texada, where we feel they will receive a warm welcome from our community. This in turn will free up a space in a refugee camp for other refugees who have no place to escape to.

We feel that bringing a refugee family to Texada will do what other Canadian communities have found, that our community will be enhanced greatly.

To show your support and donate to this campaign, visit the campaign fundraising page.

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