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Three local Powell River Christmas carols for your singing pleasure

Posted by on Dec 24, 2016

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If you’re looking for a local Powell River Christmas carol to sing and show your pride for bring from Powtown, here’s a few you can try.

Local Christmas carols

O Little Town of Powell River – by Joseph McLean

O little town of Powell River
How still we see thee lie
Because it’s now past 9 pm
One quiet car goes by

Yet though our streets are silent
Things really are quite great
We make good beer, eat lots of deer
Have cabins up the lake

From Westview to Cranberry
From Saltery Bay to Lund
The rain and sleet may make you weep
But next year there’ll be sun

Our hippies and our loggers
Know how to get along
We’re not the same but we just blame
The Feds and carry on

For in these backwoods shineth
An everlasting flame
We are quite kind, just bear in mind
We do all know your name

O lovely town Powell River
We’re all in one big team
And you might think our mill would stink
But actually that’s steam

You’ll love it in Powell River
It’s here we all remain
So stay with us, there is no bus
The ferry’s down again!


Jingle Bells – in Tla’amin

tɩn tɩn tɩn, tɩn tɩn tɩn,
tɩn tɩn ʔakʷ qo qols
ʔayaǰʊsθot, ʔi ti qol tus
hɛhaw čɩsma ʔiqol

Try singing the phonetic version:

teen teen teen, teen teen teen,
teen teen ahkw qo qols
ay-ah-juice-thot eee-tee qol tuss
heh-how chis-ma eee-qols tl-ayt!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh!

Tla’amin Nation language coordinator Devin Pielle sent us this version of the old standard “Jingle Bells.” Dr. Elsie Paul translated it last year, and it has been performed several times since. 

Other BC First Nations have also tackled Jingle Bells. 

“It’s always nice to have a break from the serious-ness of language revitalization and do something fun,” explained Devin. 


Silver Dells – By Joseph McLean

(who’s business Full Solution Computers is celebrating 20 years in business)

In the desktops, in the laptops
In the Macs of great style
As you boot there’s a feeling of worry
Message flashing, system crashing
And you think all the while
That disaster is getting quite near

Silver Dells, Silver Dells,
Your kids clicked on ads, what a pity
Ring-a-ling See them bring
Their PCs in for repair

See the iMac getting seasick
as it downloads a file
all because you deleted its system
See the updates rise like cupcakes
through the great internet
And after all the restarts you’ll hear

Silver Dells, something smells
You left it alone with your kitty…!
Ring-a-ling See them bring
Their PCs in for repair


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