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What are your favourite blackberry recipes?

Posted by on Mar 9, 2015

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Blackberries. The very name can cause a Powell Riverite’s mouth to water.

Photo by Jared Smith

Photo by Jared Smith

The berries themselves, toward the end of August, are fantastic little mushy globs of sweetness on their own. And they grow like weeds. Add them to a pie or smoothie recipe, or pile them on some fresh crepes, and they become the star of the show.

So we want to know: What are your favourite blackberry recipes? If you share them with us (either in the comments below, or by emailing and let us use it for a free book (full credit to you), we will send you a copy of our complete blackberry recipes ebook when it’s all done. We will make it free for everyone else to download too.

So let us know your favourites, and we’ll help make your favourite blackberry dish famous.

Here’s one that our Grandma Dorothy Adams sent us, to help “inspire” you:

Blackberry Liqueur

1 Mickey Vodka
2 cups sugar

Squash or puree 40 ozs of blackerries

Pour vodka and sugar over to mix well.
Cover loosely with cheesecloth and leave for 35 days.

Drink, and be merry. 

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Jordan Behan

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Jordan Behan is Publisher and Co-Founder of Powtown Post.
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